Air Coffee- Home for intimate events

Designed according to Feng Shui principles, Air Caffe in Airport City welcomes its visitors with smoothing sounds of waterfalls and water pool, as well as relaxing atmosphere.
Set close to the Ben Gurion Airport, the airplanes coming in and out of Israel seen from Air Caffe create a liminal space and a sense of internationality.
Air Caffe is the perfect choice of venue for business meetings taking place at the last minute before you board the plane, as well as romantic dates or group gatherings. In the evenings, alcohol is served, and the café stays open until the last client leaves.
The offered menu at Air Café is kosher and includes a variety of dishes. Some of the possibilities are breakfast, fish, sandwich, toast or salad, Latin American or Italian food, and even boutique wines.
See you before your next flight.

תמונה של המסעדה מבחוץ

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